Incandescently Happy

tell the sun and stars hello for me

i will not turn my face
away from the sun
just because it is burning

  • Family: *insults my weight*
  • Family: *insults my interests*
  • Family: *insults my friends*
  • Family: *insults my music*
  • Family: *judges me constantly*
  • Family: you're being so rude why aren't you spending time with us
this is an actual email i received from my school today…what is life?

this is an actual email i received from my school today…what is life?


CollegeHumor: The 10 Lies You Tell Yourself Every All-Nighter





We are all Josh Hutcherson

The HunTer Games and Catching fireS tho

directed by adele dazeem



how come no one ever talks about how hans was about to slice elsa’s fucking head off


its like every character in the movie was g-rated disney, except for hans, hans literally came straight out of game of thrones

the southern isles send their regards


Stephen King being Stephen King


I feel like people are really missing the mark with last night’s episode of game of thrones. While we are supposed to be happy that Joffrey kind of got what was coming to him, I think we are supposed to be humbled by it as well. He’s technically still just a thirteen year old boy who gets murdered. Yes, he was absolutely horrid but I still think the death is supposed to be more poignant.

People everywhere have their differences. In some places, the highborn frown upon those of low birth. In other places, the rape and murder of women and children is considered distasteful. What a fortunate thing for you, former Queen Regent, that your daughter Myrcella has been sent to live in the latter sort of place.